Welcome all Monster Lovers

Its my pleasure to share the launch of the Monsters for Kids Book 1 iPad app. It took some time to make this an reality and like all good things, it was the effort of many people to make this happen. Big thanks goes to Plus Factory in making this app a fun and exciting experience for kids everywhere. Fred G. was instrumental in making the app, while Christine S. was the lead designer on this beautiful site. Take a bow guys.

This is only the beginning. We are now working on additional books of monsters to come out later this fall. We are also planning different types of M4Kids products that we can share with the world include games, animation, t-shirts and maybe, just maybe a ‘make your own’ Monster tool? Hmmm, that would be so cool, right?

In the meanwhile, enjoy the iPad app, and email me if you have any particular monster requests or want to sign up for our email newsletter.

Thank you. Warren.

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