Monster Stories for Kids

Why Monster Stories for Kids?

So many people ask how did I get the idea for Monsters for Kids. It started with my oldest son Austin. Austin loves monsters and anything that looks scary and mean. When we go to a supermarket, and pass by the DVD stand he would always be staring at the movie covers with the scariest stuff. I’m talking about cut off hands, or zombies or vampires. He loves that stuff.

Bedtime is time for Monster Stories for Kids

Of course at nighttime Austin wanted to hear bedtime stories. But what he really wanted to hear was not stories about the 3 little bears and such. No, he wanted monster stories for kids. He wanted to know all about monsters and dinosaurs and such. Things all changed though when he saw Percy Jackson and the Lighting Thief (the movie).

What where those Monsters in Percy Jackson?

In the movie, Percy Jackson was the son of Neptune. And of course they covered a whole range of Greek monsters. He especially loved the Minotaur and wanted to know how did the Minotaur come about. That’s when I started looking for books on the Minotaur and other Greek myths.
Monster stories for kids - minotaur

Greek Mythology – not great Monster Stories for Kids

I love Greek myths. Zeus and the Olympians. Their battle with the Titans. Hercules. The monsters like the Hydra, and Cyclopes. All great stuff. But unfortunately if you know Greek mythology, you know the sub-text. For instance, the Minotaur was the off-spring of the Queen of Crete and her prized Bull. And then the King of Crete, who couldn’t kill off his ‘half-son, half-monster’, put him under the palace of Crete, into a maze. And every year he would feed the Minotaur young men and women to keep him happy. Great story but nothing you want to read to your 5-year old child. And the more I looked, the more I realized that its hard to get these kind of myths suitable as monster stories for kids. I looked all around and just couldn’t find anything that took these monster stories from myth and made them into suitable monster stories for kids. Then something hit me. The big idea.

Monster Stories for Kids by Me

So if there wasn’t any monster stories for kids out there, I’ll have to make it myself. Now since I worked in the creative field, it wasn’t hard for me to get going and figuring out what monsters I wanted to put into my first book. To actually print the books, I went to an online book store called It was a great tool to build the books and then do a small run. The only downside of printing books from Blurb, is that they charge per book and it gets expensive. Thats when I realized the best format to make the Monster for Kids books available was on the Apple iPad. The iPad is already an incredible digital reading device, and what better way to bring the beautiful artwork and monster stories for kids to life but on the iPad. So now we have launched the same book (Book 1) onto the Apple iPad app store.

More monster stories for kids to come

Now that we have our first book out from Monsters for Kids, we are now busy working on more monsters and a special issue for Halloween! Look for more books on the iPad for us, and rest assured you now have monster stories for kids.

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